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The Brooklyn Buzz – Nets Set Franchise Record From 3 in Win Over the Kings

Nick‌ ‌Fay‌ and Jac Manuell recap the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the Sacramento Kings!

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– How did the Net make so many threes?

– Other than Kyrie Irving and James Harden, who had a good night?

– Best backcourt in the NBA 

– Kevin Durant out 

– Kyrie Irving had it locked on automatic 

– Kyrie highlights don’t end

– James Harden doing a little of everything 

– Harden’s next level passing 

– Shamet and Johnson gave the Nets minutes 

– DeAndre had solid moments 

– Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond rumors 

– Andre Roberson joining the Nets? 

– Kevon Looney and Trevor Ariza names mentioned