Joe Harris

Which Nets Should Have Their Names Written In All-Caps?

A couple of years ago for a now-defunct blog, I wrote about the art of deciding when an NBA player's name should be written in all-caps on Twitter. There were a lot of silly rules and over the last two years I've probably rethought a lot of those ideas, so he...
Brooklyn Nets Team

Monday’s Meeting with Pelicans is Must-Win for Nets

Expectations can often be a double-edged sword, wielding much excitement through speculation on how things will transpire on one end and on the other, a harsh reality that rivals your initial notions. Unfortunately, the latter represents how this first week-p...

Nets come up short versus the Pistons

I’m not sure who came up with “it’s a game of runs” but it perfectly describes Saturday's Brooklyn Nets 113-109 loss to the Detroit Pistons. The only issue is that there was nothing to point to as the catalyst...
Sabonis Pacers

Nets Video Breakdown: 3-Point Defense vs. IND 10/30/19

Brooklyn have had some real trouble guarding the perimeter to start the season. Here's a look at what they dished up on that end against the Pacers.