Video Breakdown: Caris LeVert & His Passing

I took a look at Caris LeVert and one of the things he does best: help facilitate this offense.

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Kenny Atkinson’s system is one that thrives on ball movement and having a player like LeVert is very valuable. His ability to dribble-penetrate not only opens things up on the perimeter but also in the paint too. Joe Harris and Jarrett Allen were LeVert’s primary beneficiaries due to how he makes the defense collapse on him. He is so good at wrapping passes around defenders and passing out to the perimeter to open teammates.

This is going to be a big year for LeVert. He is very versatile as a scorer and defender in addition to what he does as a passer. There has been some talk about LeVert running point guard and that is from Sean Marks himself earlier in the year.

“Sean told me when we drafted him, he kept emphasizing ‘This kid can play point guard … eventually.’ That was the thought process and I was ‘Eh … you know. We’ll see,’” Atkinson told NetsDaily earlier in the season.

While Atkinson was slow to come around to Mark’s school of thought, he later agreed that playing some point guard is for sure in the cards. With the departure of Jeremy Lin this offseason, that looks more and more like a possibility. Even with the signing of Shabazz Napier.

If LeVert is going to take a leap in his third season, his passing is going to play a big role in it.

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