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The Brooklyn Buzz – Nets Big 3 Carry Them to an OT Win

Nick‌ ‌Fay‌ and Jac Manuell recap the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the Atlanta Hawks.

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– Best Big 3 member or the night?

– Which role players stepped up? 

– How did it start? 

– Aggressive James Harden 

– Steve Nash and the coaching staff adjusting 

– Attacking Trae Young with Joe Harris and Bruce Brown 

– Kevin Durant turns something into nothing 

– Does KD have an MVP case? 

– Kyrie Irving was working with magic 

– The Big 3 is finding a groove? 

– Defensive Joe Harris down the stretch 

– Bruce Brown doing Bruce Brown things 

– Will the Nets add players tomorrow? 

– Andre Drummond buyout rumors 

– Other buyout candidates