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Not a lot to say about this matchup. Brooklyn continued their poor form as Miami had their way against them. There were few highlights, hence the shortened breakdown.

1st Quarter:

  • Graham slithers in on the drive for the first points for Brooklyn
  • Tough floater by Russell
  • Patient jumper from D’Lo
  • Rainbow three from D’Angelo
  • Smooth change of pace and control from LeVert on the drive
  • Follows it up with a great paint pass to Allen for the bucket
  • The quality screen from Allen gets Harris free for three
  • Rack attack from Rodions!
  • Carroll hits the three
  • Nets down 23-28 to end the first

2nd Quarter:

  • Kurucs cuts in for the layup off Russell
  • Herky jerky finish for Ed Davis
  • Davis finishes down low again
  • Smooth stepback three for Russell
  • Sleek floater from LeVert
  • Sleek pick and roll play from Russell and Allen
  • Lovely body control from Joe Harris in the paint
  • Purposeful take to the rim from Harris
  • Nets down by 10 to end the half

3rd Quarter:

  • Miami with their largest lead of the night (12)
  • Allen slips in for two off the Russell assist
  • Harris hits his second three of the game
  • Strong move to the rim from Joe Harris
  • The three for Graham
  • Brooklyn down by 18
  • Carroll makes the drive to the hole
  • Spin move from DeMarre on the layup
  • Dinwiddie drives for two
  • Nets down 20 to end the third

4th Quarter:

  • There is nothing good about this performance
  • LeVert finishes the putback
  • Nets are down by 26 by the way
  • Rodions hits the three
  • The Nets have a lot of problems and not a lot of time to fix them
  • Nets go down 117-88