What. A. Win. Let’s get right to it.

1st Quarter:

  • Kurucs steal and slam
  • Joey Buckets with the easy drive to the rim
  • Make that two dunks for Allen
  • Harris is smooth from every area of the floor
  • Add a three to his scoring tally
  • Great attack on the rim from Kurucs
  • D’Lo splits the defense and Allen finishes with ANOTHER dunk
  • Allen should feast on the glass tonight
  • Graham hitting his three is a welcome sight
  • DeMarre joins in the scoring with a three
  • Spencer follows with one himself
  • Another three from DeMarre
  • Eric Gordon cuts the Nets early double-digit lead back to 7
  • Nets end the quarter with a 34-30 lead

2nd Quarter:

  • D’Lo kicks off scoring with the mid range two
  • Game tied up now at 36
  • Strong finish from Napier on the drive
  • Another sleek jumper from Russell
  • A three from D’Lo, he’s been hot this quarter
  • An 8-0 run gives the Rockets the lead
  • Allen cleans up the blocked shot from Napier
  • Pull up three from Shabazz
  • Awesome offensive rebound from Graham leads to the and one opportunity
  • Joe Harris threes make me happy
  • Love the mentality and production from Graham tonight
  • Nifty push shot from Harris
  • Dinwiddie takes advantage of the lacklustre defense
  • Brooklyn finishes the half with a 62-54 advantage

3rd Quarter:

  • Rodions kicks off scoring in the second half
  • Graham’s bucket gets him to double figures
  • Athletic board from Kurucs for the put back
  • Wonderful finish from Harris on the drive
  • Rainbow three from Russell
  • Spin move from Graham draws the foul
  • Smooth finish by Allen with the off hand
  • Bank is open late for Spencer
  • Houston have their largest lead of the night off the back of the Hard free throws (6)
  • Kurucs takes Nene off the dribble
  • Rondae draws the and one running off the break
  • Houston take back the lead and finish the quarter with 94-85 buffer

4th Quarter:

  • Sleek pull up j from Graham to kick off scoring in the period
  • Backs it up with a three
  • Carroll’s three cut the lead back to 10
  • Allen rejects rivers
  • Carroll backs it up an and one play
  • Allen cleans up Spencer’s miss
  • Better finish on the drive from Dinwiddie on that occasion
  • Kurucs is rewarded for running the floor off a long range feed from Spencer
  • Jarrett Allen has been bullying the boards
  • Carroll three cuts the lead back to single digits
  • Alley oop from Dinwiddie to Allen out of the pick and roll
  • Spencer cuts the lead to three on the three-point make
  • Make it 1!
  • Clutch three from Dinwiddie to send it to OT


  • Dinwiddie continues his hot streak with the drive
  • Lovely give and go from Joe and Spence
  • Yes Graham! Hits the three ball
  • And one chance for Allen
  • Another and one from Dinwiddie this time
  • Nets get the clutch rebound and Harris nails the free throws

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