Brook-Lin.Com Podcast – Episode Two: A Week In Review, A Look Ahead, & Appreciation For The Real Ones

We at the Brook-Lin.Com Podcast wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some of our favorite writes in the NBA community that we know or read daily. In this day and age of so many blogs and so many different places to get content, it is easy to get lost in the constant stream.

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All of the people mentioned write for various sites and publications, some Nets related and some not. Each and every one of them is both incredibly knowledgeable and putting in the long hours for your enjoyment. We wanted to list them here for you to seek out and follow on your own, each of them are must follows!

We hope you enjoy this episode! We cover the week that was, look ahead at the now two games remaining, talk draft implications that come out of the upcoming (and past) matchups with the Chicago Bulls, and more! Please subscribe to our SoundCloud page and give both Charles and me a follow on Twitter.

(Appreciating the real ones starts around the 52:20 mark if you feel like skipping ahead)

Graham Chapple – @Graham_Chapple
Lance Roberson – @Lance_972
Keith Schlosser – @KeithBSchlosser
Simon Shortt – @Simon_Says_63
Chris Priczak – @ChrisPriczak
Kristian Winfield – @Krisplashed
Francis Adu – @FrancisAduJr
Sandy Mui – @sandymui1134
Sean Costello – @SeanBKN27
Charles Daye – @NottheChuckD
Christian Milcos – @ChristianMilcos
Malcolm Ireland – @MackyIreland
Tyler Dencker – @T_Danks_
Alexander Cuesta – @ACuestaNBN
Zach Cronin – @Zach__Cronin
Max Prinz – @FreshPrinz5
Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson – @ScoopB
Ben Nadeau – @ben__nadeau
Liz Swinton – @eswint22
Jaymz Clements – @jaymzclements
Chris Hooker – @chrishooker9
Jesse Picarello- @jpic313
Matt Angell
Andrew Hughes – @ARJHughes
Jerry Kane
Justis Doucet – @jdouce18
Nick LeTourneau – @nick_lt
Matt Pisani – @pisannd5
Tom Lorenzo – @TomLorenzo
Anthony Puccio – @APOOCH
Bryan Fonseca – @BryanFonsecaNY
Bryan Fleurantin – @BrFleurantin
Nick Agar-Johnson – @NBAJohnson
Kyle Williams
GNYR – @Rolon523
JayTas – @JayTasShow
SteelNets – @SteelNets
Jimmy Espinal – @Jimboslice1308
Kevin O’Connor – @KevinOConnorNBA
Keith Smith – @KeithSmithNBA
Chris Reichert – @Chris_Reichert
Tamberlyn’s Tip Off – @TTOTambz