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The Brooklyn Buzz – Nets Dominate the Hornets in LaMarcus Aldridge’s Debut

Nick‌ ‌Fay‌ and Jac Manuell recap the Brooklyn Nets’ win over the Charlotte Hornets. What led to the hot start? How did LaMarcus Aldridge look? How Laundry Shamet came back cooking? Another impactful night for Claxton? Nets dominate the Hornets, 111-89.

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– A monster start 

– The blowouts we have been looking for 

– LaMarcus Aldridge’s first game as a Net .. and starting 

– What he can bring to the team

– Another nice game from Kyrie Irving 

– Laundry Shamet returns with a bang 

– Jeff Green was GREAT- Appreciate Tyler Johnson and Bruce Brown 

– DeAndre Jordan’s role moving forward 

– The latest on Kevin Durant