Jeremy Lin NBA Wiebo 2:2:17
Jeremy Lin NBA Wiebo 2/2/17

Jeremy Lin’s 30min Q&A on NBA Weibo on 2/2/2017

Jeremy Lin’s 30min Q&A on NBA Weibo on 2/2/2017

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Q1: How do u celebrate the Chinese New Year?
A: As usual, my family would fly to Brooklyn or Charlotte and we would have a meal and chat together. This year I was at the away game so I don’t have chance to celebrate.

Q2: What’s your favorite Chinese dish and can u cook them on your own?
A: My favorite is my mom’s scallion pancake. I like radish cake and steamed buns as well and I can cook radish cake but I can’t do scallion cuz it’s too hard.
(How about American food?) Yep I can cook steak, chicken and fish.

Q3: What’s your favorite hairstyle?
A: Mohawk or my braids. My goal is to keep my hair long but I can’t keep my mohawk since June because it’s too long.

(So u will keep your growing hair?) Yes!! But if I keep Mohawk my hair would be this high. (Is it hard to wash your hair?) Not really. It’s hard to wash my braids so that the braids were usually just kept for few days.

Q4: How long do u make your hairstyle each time?
A: It only takes 10 sec to tie my hair up(pony tail). I don’t use any gel or hair products because my hair is long now. It took 15min to do easy braids, 45min to do difficulties and only 3min to get them off.

(So u change your hairstyle everyday?) Usually my friends n families would send the pictures to give me some advices. If I see some fantasy designs, I would do that braids.

Q5: What’s your hobbies outside the court, like cooking and singing?
A: I like Dota 2(everybody know that) and have meal with my friend & family. The food in NYC is amazing so we would go out and try different restaurants every weekends. I like to play any cards like Poker, also watch movies and cooking.

Q6: What’s your favorite song and movie?
A: I like puzzles, mystery or robber movies which can make my mind think, such as The Italian Job and The Usual Suspects. My current favorite song is Hillsong, a Christian band.
(Have you listen to Chinese music?) You know, actually we played a lot of Chinese songs for few hours yesterday and I would listen to Jay Chow, JJ Lin, VanNess Wu and etc.
(Will you plan to sing with them?) Uhh.. I think my Chinese still need to be improved. They usually sing very fast..(You can rap in English!!) Maybe Yep..Maybe in the future:-)

Q7: Who is your closest player among all the team and who has the best fashion taste?
A: (Jeremy thought she was talked about Brooklyn Nets.) If we go out for meal, we usually have 15 people so we are all close with each other. Currently, I’m close to Randy, Sean… Former are Landry, Jared Jeffries, Chandler Parsons, Kemba, Marvin, Felton Spencer and etc.
(And who has the best fashion taste?) From all of the teammates.. Kemba, Nick Young and Stephen Curry.

Q8: What about your recovery and when you would come back to the court?
A: I’m getting better n I can do run, jump n shot. But it’s hard to say when I can come back to the court. We practice everyday n we will see the condition of my hamstrings of the day after tmr. Anyway, I’m happy about what I can do now.

Q9: Does Brooklyn nets match your Basketball Style? How are you getting alone with your teammates?
A: All good now. Certainly it is very close between me and Kenny that we go for dinner, chat, text and I would go to his office to talk to him before and after the games. I am close to my teammates as well and I’m looking forward to play with them when I’m 100% recovered.

Q10: We can see there are lots of changes of your shooting posture, the angle and the height were both much higher and more accurate, how do you improve it during the off season?
A: Firstly, my shooting posture became smoother and faster and we practiced my defense and floater. I did a lot practice last year and I spent most of time on my shooting posture.
(How do you feel about your improvement?) I didn’t play much this year so it’s too early to judge…At least 25 games…

Q11: What’s your faith to help you to go through all of this? What do you want to share with teenagers?
A: At the beginning, I was sent to D League, get waived or get traded but I would spent a lot of time on praying and reading the scripture, because when I sad or wanted to give up, I would pray and my parents would comfort me. My Christianity faith helped me a lot, and for teens the most important thing is to find your passion.

Q12: How much do you think you can achieve in your career?
A: I don’t know. Of course every NBA players want to lead the NBA Championship and I wish I could be an All Star.

Q13: What do you want to do when you retired?
A: I want to work with my foundation and spend time with poor kids, no matter teaching them basketball or studies, I like to stay with underprivileged kids.

Q14: Who do you think is the best MVP in this season?
A: Russell Westbrook and James Harden. If I have to choose now, I will choose James Harden because his record and performance are both good. It’s hard to choose because Westbrook’s statistic that we haven’t seen someone have a triple double every night.

Q15: What do you want to say to Chinese fans?
A: Thank you and so sorry that I always injured this year. I’m very sad but I know that you all support me and you are dying to see me play on the court so I’m focus on my recovery everyday. I will not be back that soon until 100% recovery. Thank you for the comforting and the comments on the internet.

Q16: Did you receive any lucky envelopes this year?
A: Yep I got one by my friend who is a rapper (MC Jin) last night.
(What’s inside?) Money(Laughed)!

Q17: What the most touching gift you have ever received?
A: Usually video games or a pair of shoes.

Q18: You’ve been shot the Chinese New Year commercial for three years, is there any funny stories?
A:What’s most interesting is, every shot were both in NBA season so me and Curry were shot separately with green screen and they would set us together with funny backgrounds, tables and foods.

Q19: Are you following some Chinese players since these is no Chinese players in NBA currently?
A: I hope there will be more Chinese play in NBA and there are some Chinese players got chosen in Draft this year. I’m looking forward to more Draft’s pick and see them play in Roaster and play every night. Basketball becomes popular and the strategy is getting better. As myself, I hope.. like there are many European players, I hope we can see more Chinese in NBA as well.

Q20: What is your favorite shoe and can you tell us your clothing style?
A: My favorite this year is Crazy Light Boost. My clothing is .. Uhh I just choose clothes randomly and I like special blazers.